28 May, 2024
5 mins read

Meta Joins Frontier Model Forum to Promote Safe AI Development

In a landmark move towards fostering safe and ethical AI development, Meta has announced its membership in the Frontier Model Forum (FMF), a non-profit AI safety collective. This decision underscores Meta’s commitment to advancing AI technology while prioritising safety, transparency, and accountability.   The Importance of AI Safety As artificial intelligence (AI) continues to evolve, […]

5 mins read

Meta Shuts Down Workplace: Impacts and Next Steps for Businesses

In a surprising move, Meta Discontinues Workplace, an enterprise communication tool that has been in operation since 2015. Originally conceived as a way to leverage Facebook’s familiar interface for internal business communications, Workplace gained a considerable user base but will now be phased out by 2026. This article delves into the reasons behind Meta’s decision […]

5 mins read

Meta’s Enhanced Verification for Business Subscription: Is It Worth the Investment?

Meta has recently announced the expansion of its Verification for Business subscription package, allowing more businesses worldwide to purchase a blue checkmark for their Facebook and Instagram profiles. This expansion includes new regions such as Argentina, Mexico, Chile, Peru, France, and Italy, in addition to the existing markets of Australia, New Zealand, and Canada.   […]

4 mins read

The Decline of Publisher Referrals on Facebook: A Comprehensive Analysis

In recent years, the landscape of digital content distribution has undergone significant changes, with social media platforms, especially Facebook, playing a pivotal role. However, a recent report from Chartbeat and Similarweb has revealed a stark Facebook Referral Traffic Decline to publisher websites. This analysis aims to explore the implications of this trend for news publishers […]

3 mins read

Embracing the Future with Meta’s Open Mixed Reality Ecosystem

Meta’s recent unveiling of an open mixed reality (MR) ecosystem, powered by the new Meta Horizon OS, marks a significant milestone in the evolution of virtual and augmented realities. This initiative aims to democratise MR technologies by making them more accessible to hardware manufacturers, developers, and ultimately, consumers. Let’s dive into how Meta’s strategic shift […]

3 mins read

The Impact of WhatsApp Generative Search on British Businesses: Navigating New Horizons

In an insightful piece by JG Bezuidenhout from Bastion & Flowe, the transformative potential of generative search in South Africa is meticulously explored. This innovation, particularly Meta’s strategic use of AI in WhatsApp, is not just reshaping the South African digital landscape but has significant implications for British businesses as well. Generative Search: A Global […]