Meta Verified Expands to Businesses: Elevating Brand Presence on Social Media
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Meta Verified Expands to Businesses: Elevating Brand Presence on Social Media

Meta is extending its Meta Verified service to businesses, a significant step that underscores the company’s commitment to enhancing brand presence and customer trust across its platforms. Initially rolled out for creators, Meta Verified is now poised to empower businesses on Instagram, Facebook, and WhatsApp with a suite of features designed to validate their authenticity and boost their visibility.

What is Meta Verified for Businesses?

Meta Verified for businesses is a subscription-based service that provides businesses with a verified badge, symbolizing their authenticity and credibility on Meta’s platforms. This service is aimed at helping businesses stand out, protect their brand, and connect more effectively with customers. It includes additional tools for account support and brand protection, making it an attractive option for businesses looking to solidify their presence on these platforms.

Expanding Across Platforms

The expansion of Meta Verified will begin with Instagram and Facebook, with plans to include WhatsApp in the future. This move marks a significant enhancement in how businesses can manage their presence across Meta’s diverse social media landscape.

Features and Benefits

A Meta Verified business subscription offers several key benefits:

  1. Verified Badge: A mark of authenticity, the verified badge confirms that a business is validated and genuine.
  2. Impersonation Protection: Proactive monitoring for impersonation adds an extra layer of protection for brands.
  3. Priority Support: Access to dedicated support helps businesses troubleshoot account issues more efficiently.
  4. Enhanced Discovery: Subscribers will be featured prominently in search results and recommended feeds, increasing their visibility to potential customers.

Subscription Details and Availability

Meta Verified for businesses is set to roll out in the coming weeks in selected test countries, with subscriptions starting at $21.99 USD/month per Facebook page or Instagram account, or $34.99 USD/month for both. Notably, the service will initially be unavailable for certain features like WhatsApp, but plans are in place to introduce it in the future.

Eligibility and Application Process

To subscribe to Meta Verified for businesses, companies must meet specific eligibility requirements, including a minimum tenure of their business account, account activity, and having two-factor authentication turned on. The verification process involves validating business information and verifying the applicant’s connection to the business through methods like phone number, email, or domain verification.

Building Confidence and Safeguarding Brands

Meta Verified for businesses is designed with safeguards to protect both businesses and their customers. The multi-step verification process ensures that only legitimate businesses can acquire the verified badge, thereby enhancing customer trust and confidence in interacting with verified businesses on these platforms.

The introduction of Meta Verified for businesses represents a strategic move by Meta to provide enhanced tools for businesses to establish their brand, protect against impersonation, and increase their discoverability on social media. As the digital landscape continues to evolve, services like Meta Verified will play a crucial role in shaping how businesses interact with their customers and manage their online presence.