Leveraging Instagram’s ‘Frames’ Sticker: A Guide for Business Users
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Leveraging Instagram’s ‘Frames’ Sticker: A Guide for Business Users

In a digital era where engaging visual content is king, Instagram continues to pave the way with innovative features that not only enhance user experience but also offer new avenues for creators and businesses to interact with their audience. The latest addition to this suite is the Instagram ‘Frames’ sticker, a feature that transforms standard photos into interactive Polaroid-style images, adding a layer of engagement through a “shake to reveal” functionality. This article explores the potential of the Instagram ‘Frames’ sticker, introduced via an exclusive early access to renowned Punjabi musician Karan Aujla, and provides a detailed guide on how businesses can utilise this feature to boost their online presence.


Karan Aujla’s Pioneering Use of Instagram’s ‘Frames’ Sticker

Karan Aujla, a figure synonymous with vibrant and catchy tunes in the Punjabi music scene, recently teased his upcoming track ‘Goin’ Off’ using the ‘Frames’ sticker. This move places Aujla among a select group globally to first experience and share this innovative tool. His proactive use of the sticker not only highlights his ongoing commitment to connecting creatively with his audience but also sets a precedent for how artists and brands can leverage such features for greater engagement.

The ‘Frames’ Sticker: Enhancing Visual Engagement

The ‘Frames’ sticker allows users to convert any photograph into a Polaroid-style image that can be revealed by shaking the phone. This interactive element not only adds a novel twist to viewing images but also encourages more hands-on interaction from followers. For Aujla, whose tracks have historically performed well on Instagram Reels, this feature adds another layer to his social media strategy, potentially increasing viewer retention and interaction rates.


Step-by-Step Guide to Using the ‘Frames’ Sticker

For businesses looking to integrate the ‘Frames’ sticker into their Instagram strategy, understanding the operational nuances is key. Here’s a simple guide to get you started:

  1. Initiating the Feature: Begin by creating a new story and tapping on the sticker icon, which brings up the sticker tray.
  2. Activating the ‘Frames’ Sticker: Select the ‘Frames’ sticker from the tray. This action will open your photo gallery.
  3. Choosing Your Image: Select the photo you wish to frame. The sticker automatically adds a Polaroid frame, complete with a timestamp and optional caption.
  4. Engaging Your Audience: Post your story. Viewers can then shake their phones or tap a ‘shake to reveal’ button to see the framed image develop, mimicking the classic Polaroid experience.
  5. Accessibility: Initially rolled out in India, the sticker will be visible in the Stories tray and is expected to reach a broader audience shortly.


Strategic Implications for Businesses

The introduction of the ‘Frames’ sticker on Instagram opens several strategic avenues for business users:

Increased Engagement

Interactive stickers like ‘Frames’ compel users to engage more deeply with content. By encouraging actions like shaking the phone, businesses can increase the time spent on each post, thereby boosting engagement metrics crucial for algorithmic visibility.

Enhanced Brand Storytelling

Polaroid-style images carry a nostalgic charm that can be effectively used in storytelling. Brands can create themed stories or timelines, making use of the date and timestamp features for chronological narratives.

Exclusive Content Previews

Similar to Karan Aujla’s use of the sticker to tease his new track, businesses can use ‘Frames’ to offer sneak peeks of upcoming products or behind-the-scenes content, building anticipation and exclusivity.

Creative Campaigns

Organisations can develop creative campaigns or contests around the sticker, such as asking followers to share their own ‘shaken’ images to win prizes, thereby fostering community interaction and user-generated content.


Instagram’s ‘Frames’ sticker is more than just a creative tool—it is a gateway to enhanced user interaction and engagement for businesses and creators alike. By adopting and adapting this feature into their digital strategy, businesses can not only increase their content’s appeal but also deepen audience engagement in an increasingly competitive social media landscape.

In leveraging innovative tools like the ‘Frames’ sticker, businesses stand to gain not only in terms of visibility and engagement but also in positioning themselves as forward-thinking brands attuned to the latest digital trends. This proactive approach to social media marketing can significantly contribute to sustained business growth and a robust online presence.

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